"Poverty in all its forms is the greatest single threat to peace, democracy, human rights, and the environment. It is a time bomb against the heart of liberty" World Trade Organization Director Mike Moore.

"Inadequate comprehension and application of Energy, in all its forms, in an increasingly complex and evolving civilization, is the single greatest causal factor of poverty - and the vehicle to self-destruct." Decatalyst

"As systems increase in complexity, their energy intensity and energy requirements to sustain life rise accordingly." Hydrocarbons ceased fitting the energy bill, became obsolete, years ago. Nobel Prize winner , Ilya Progogine

Prioritize the Energy issue. Demand clean energy evolution and upgrade now. Join with scientists saying a quest for clean energy must begin now, (New York Times, November 1, 2002) "Meeting the world's rising energy needs without increasing global warming will require a research effort as ambitious as the Apollo project to put a man on the moon, a diverse group of scientists and engineers said in Science magazine today. "

Energy Rights Achieved Application Proposal Nonprofit R&D Proposal to Unify

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John Taylor Gotto - New York Teacher of the Year wrote "Dumbing Us Down"

Some lethal, dumbed down beliefs, (created by skewed/suppressed scientific comprehension), forecasting a bleak, dead end future, when held by a majority of the population:

  • 'there is not enough to go around' - in an infinite universe consisting of nothing but energy?
  • 'conserve energy' - in an infinite recyclable universe consisting of nothing but energy?
  • 'denial of the existence of clean cheap unlimited decentralized energy systems' - suppressed since Tesla
  • 'working more for less' - the marvels of scientific progress
  • 'economic downturn' in an exploding world population - the marvels of scientific progress
  • 'polluted air, water, cities; traffic jams; lethal ecological imbalance' - the marvels of scientific progress
  • 'conflict resolution now equals kill - the marvels of new scientific progress, understanding and enlightenment
  • 'humans with "evil genes" hating freedom, wanting to be slaves' - more science marvels of enlightenment
  • 'privatization and control of all natural resources required for life - in the hands of a few', equals FREEDOM
  • remaining braindead to a nuclear holocaust future, supporting the causal behavioral modes that will create it
  • .....this list marches on

Evolution and Scientific Progress are not a backward march

toward the common street term ideal: Anal Retentive Retardation Dive

Revisiting the Nature of Power

Demand Scientific Freedom - Ignorance, fostered by 'top secret', 'need to know', policies masquerading as 'national security' will accelerate an epic climax finality, to the upcoming historical 'rise and fall' of civilization cycles.


Do the Math - Do the Investigations - Do the reviews - Be Responsible for Life, Freedom & Our Future

During the past few decades, respected frontier scientists all over the globe have produced extraordinary evidence to show that an energy field — the Zero Point Field — connects everything in the universe, and we ourselves are part of this vast dynamic network of energy exchange. The electromagnetic zero-point field of the quantum vacuum, is a field of unimaginably large quantum energy in the infinitesimal space between things.

treads further to mathematically link E=MC2 and VC, the velocity of light energy differential, to the radius of curvature of all natural law. When the VC energy differential - at both micro and macro dimensions, both positive and negative directional, between two specified reference points is attained, all laws go into abeyance, zero, cease to act, between the two reference points - the mysterious zero point is accessed, along with the recognition of a totally interdependent universe of space, time, mass, matter, energy, gravity expressions - interdependent meaning, changing one expression, automatically causes and reflects a change in another.

A current summary of extraordinary evidence - Lynne McTaggart (Author) .........."These scientific discoveries are pointing to a unifying concept of the universe, one that reconciles mind with matter, classic Newtonian science with quantum physics and, most importantly, science with religion. At issue is the zero point field, the so-called "dead space" of microscopic vibrations in outer space as well as within and between physical objects on earth. These fields are a "cobweb of energy exchange" that link everything in the universe; they control everything from cellular communication to the workings of the mind, and they could be harnessed for unlimited propulsion fuel, levitation, ESP, spiritual healing and more. Pointing toward a radical new biological paradigm — that on our most fundamental level, the human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment, but a bundle of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea. Here, in so-called dead space, may lay the key to many of life's processes, from how cells communicate to how organisms actually take shape. The Field is responsible for our mind's highest functions — our memory, intuition, and creativity. It is the force that finally determines whether we are healthy or ill, the force that must be tapped in order to heal. Something ancient myth and religion has always espoused: that there may be such a thing as a life force."

Numerous links to investigate and confirm the energy drama, of both solutions and suppression, found on the previous pages.

Clearly identifying and verifying the issues greatly aids progress and problem solving

Links to more balanced views of News, of Unlimited Lifestyles permitting Sustainability and Survival, and many of the Obstacles to freedom - total authority and control - that the vacuum of irresponsibility has permitted to creep in.

Patrick Henry's cry to the Burgesses, "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?" review again Revisiting the Nature of Power

....."Business is Imposing Virtual Slavery in the Developing World; Poor Nations Walk out of WTO; America puts Iraq up for sale to foreign investors,mortgaging the country to financial institutions and multinationals without authority without legitimacy from the Iraqi masses. Is this what is meant by establishing “Democracy"?.................................................Will the Real Evil stand up and take a bow? Will the real terrorists stand up and take a bow?..... .....Will they be special humans born with genes that hate freedom and wish to be slaves? .... Will it be the lioness with staving cubs, whose resources have been stolen or destroyed, that kills a chicken from the farmhouse?" ..................All the Evidence seems to point in another direction.



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