Can less be more?

Can less be more?

Can less be more? Nature gave us photosynthesis. Einstein gave us E=MC^2.

A lot less, a tiny atom, gives a lot more, nuclear energy. What did we miss by choosing BANG (fission/fusion), and not FLOW?


Unnecessary Space and Cost Requirements for a Solar Hydrogen Economy

High Tech, Low Inventiveness, Creativity - by Design or Default?.

"there is an ill smell surrounding privatization, centralization, control and ownership (by a Few )of all Life Giving Resources "

Using high tech to make bigger and bigger clubs does not speak much for the advancement of science. Likened to the 5000 year old Chinese rocket concept, where the principle remains the same (i.e., analogous to throwing rocks from a rowboat to propel the rowboat forward), only the technology, the outer coating, gets slicker.

Increasingly today, solar arrays and windfarms are beginning to dot the globe. While it is exciting to see the trend toward natural forces being converted into a clean energy base, I find it difficult to comprehend how science and creativity remain so petrified, oblivious, stagnant in fundamental operating principles. The concept of 'gestalt', the forest and the trees, local global, should be common knowledge so as to avoid the quagmire of losing sight of the forest as we explore the beauty of the trees. Does no one ask why we need so many windmills or solar arrays for a given energy output - beyond the standard, authorized given. Could a single, small solar array or windmill on a rooftop or garage conceivably produce more than enough energy to run a household and small business? Did we miss some fundamentals, (macros - integration) borrowing from other disciplines?

Can less be more?

There certainly exists sufficient evidence warranting research and investigation into cheaper and greater volume production of hydrogen from water electrolysis. Methods requiring Low Energy Input

The molecular bonds of hydrogen and oxygen are electromagnetic in basic nature, which when the two gases are combined with a high energy influx/absorption, change form and become water. Variations of both magnetic and electrical applications have shown influence in loosening, even separation of the hydrogen and oxygen bonds.

Then along came Fleishman and Pons, and the "cold fusion" debacle (which Naval Warfare Labs recent publication of a ten year study, confirmed). Those not familiar with a similar variation discovered some 60 years ago, an apparatus continuously producing hydrogen and oxygen from the action of sunlight alone, could easily pass up the critical clue provided by Fleishman and Pons.

The question remains, who do we provide the information to? The answers will decentralize energy and power applications completely.

We suggest a worldwide, public, nonprofit R&D Center.




Needed: A few good people

see requirements at Yahoo Groups - use Contact emails for questions regarding qualifications

The Theory is Complete, Simple Engineering Left

For those considering application and meeting pre-requirements to join, some realism.

· Hydrogen Generation status
· Field Propulsion status
· Structure of Scientific Revolutions
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