Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio

The proposal to create a Department of Peace

Let us pray for our children. Our children deserve a world without end. Not a war without end. Our children deserve a world free of the terror of hunger, free of the terror of poor health care, free of the terror of homelessness, free of the terror of ignorance, free of the terror of hopelessness, free of the terror of policies which are committed to a world view which is not appropriate for the survival of a free people, not appropriate for the survival of democratic values, not appropriate for the survival of our nation, and not appropriate for the survival of the world.

Support the Department of Peace and demand Energy Evolution

Energy Evolution Not Suppression/Censorship/Top Secret

A DEPARTMENT OF PEACE - by U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich -"IMAGINE- What America Could be"
................ requires an ENERGY UPGRADE.

The evolution of energy is not Taboo, can no longer be avoided, and must take Priority if course corrections with a Department of Peace are to succeed.

It would seem prudent at this time to invest some of our extra-curricular time toward issues of LIFE...............As the direction toward which we are accelerating ........ while not inevitable & foreordained ................. is certainly heading toward a BLAST.

U.S. Works Up Plan for Using Nuclear Arms
Military: Administration, in a secret report, calls for a strategy against at least seven nations: China, Russia, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya and Syria.

By PAUL RICHTER, Times Staff Writer 3/9/02 - WASHINGTON ..............""This is dynamite," said Joseph Cirincione, a nuclear arms expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington..........."John Isaacs, president of the Council for a Livable World. "This is very, very dangerous talk ...................


Be ever mindful of your role. You have elected to be a servant of the people. The people own the house. They built it. But they can't run it everyday nor can they protect it, and build roads leading up to it. The people can't educate the children and regulate the economy because they are too busy working. So they hire servants to handle these duties and they pay those servants to protect, regulate, and handle the affairs of housekeeping.

But the house is still owned by the people. The servants don't get to make demands. The people do. The servants don't own the funds they receive for protecting, regulating, and delegating. The people do. It's our house. We the powerful working stiffs of America own it.

We lead ourselves everyday, and if you want to speak to us, do it from your heart, without a Teleprompter or a spin doctor at your side. We are honest, hard working and straightforward. We are generous and kind to those in need. We don't need to be coddled or lied to. We can smell insincerity and BS a mile away. We pay the freight and keep it moving across America everyday. Not because you are leading us. We are not following you or anyone else.

There is a spirit in all of us. A spirit that urges us upward to a greater connection to that which is just, moral and honest. We expect no less from those who have chosen to serve.

© 2002 Dr. Wayne Dyer

Remaining Ever Vigilant

QUESTIONING LOSS OF LIFE STATISTICS directly and indirectly caused by UNCONTROLLED maximizing of the Corporate Profit mandate - Death by Profit and Death by Terrorists. Dead is Dead. Loss of life by profit motives mostly ignored and unnoticed in third world countries. Now that Corporations no longer recognize national Boundaries……… many Americans died of cold due to price gouging and unaffordable energy prices? How many old Americans died from lack of unaffordable $100 lifesaving pills, the same ingredients that a dog could buy for a dollar? Tire problems?…………..and so on - See Daily 2 inquiries on refining the definition of Pure Evil.

Friday, March 01, 2002
War of Words Over War on Terror Continues Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle Tom Daschle isn't backing down from remarks he posed questioning President Bush's handling of the war on terrorism. Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., said Congress should not be writing blank checks for defense spending .... Daschle said "We have a responsibility to ask questions" and added that there seems to be "expansion without direction in defense spending."

Asked for comment, President Bush said, "Our war against terror is far greater than one person, that in order to protect freedom and protect our children, and our children's children, that we must rout out terror wherever it tends to hide,"

We must never say - BYE BYE FREEDOM

We must remain ever vigilant to the qualities of Freedom AND ROUT OUT TERROR WHEREVER IT TENDS TO HIDE or disguise itself.

We must never allow Terror Networks to creep in, overtake and achieve dominance and misuse the following:
· the star wars missile defense systems
· satellite tracking & locating
· smart bomb and laser targeting of precise individual targets down below - who, of course cannot shoot back
· chip implants in Everyone - for location, AND non-compliance thought/belief identification and removal
· directed by the Final Merger of all significant Corporations into One Power, backed by One NATO World Army.

Can you imagine Terror elements infiltrating those fine institutions? Especially with The EASE of Media Influence - see below -"The Rich-Poor Gap Grows and Relatively few people own a hugely disproportionate share of the wealth, and relatively few people attract a hugely disproportionate share of media attention" and INFLUENCE OF NEWS INFORMATION..

Can you imagine Terror elements, with enough money and power influencing the News? We must be ever vigilant to the precious qualities of freedom! Historical reflection shows the Nazi German people 'flag freakin', screaming "the economy is great", blind to what was going on.

We must never say - BYE BYE FREEDOM
According to the News, we Americans are the hardest working people with longest work hours, in the world, (making far less comparatively than our parents did), rating at the lowest end of industrialized nations in: insurance benefits, medical benefits, vacations, retirement…..with more HUNGER DRIVES for Working Americans who do not make enough to eat.

We must never say - BYE BYE FREEDOM and succumb to abject slavery "WITH HONOR"
See CHIP IMPLANTS - "and it really is an honor, good for mankind,…. feel like I'm going with the flow of nature, and doing exactly what we're here to do to improve the problems of the world."

Government Weighs Security Idea of Computer Chip Implanted in Humans Tuesday, February 26, 2002
U.S. to Consider Computer Chip Implant By CHRISTOPHER NEWTON .c The Associated Press WASHINGTON (Feb. 27) - The science of security may soon get under your skin

A Florida technology company is preparing to seek government approval for a computer ID chip that would be implanted inside the body and could be used to store everything from secret codes to sensitive medical information, satellite tracking of an individual's every movement.. ….and much, much more.

``The problem is that you always have to think about what the device will be used for tomorrow,'' said Lee Tien, a senior attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a privacy advocacy group. ``It's what we call function creep. At first a device is used for applications we all agree are good but then it slowly is used for more than it was intended,'' he said.

Potential for Big Brother? "The first concern is that it will fall into the hands of an evil and oppressive state," said Laurie Zoloff, a bioethicist in San Francisco. "If you're thoroughly known, then you can be thoroughly controlled

We must never say - BYE BYE FREEDOM

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio
Sweet land of liberty of thee I sing - from every mountain side, let freedom ring - Long may our land be bright - With freedom's holy light say does that star spangled banner yet wave - O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? - America, America, God shed grace on thee - and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea"

We must challenge the rationale of the Patriot Act.

We must ask why should America put aside guarantees of constitutional justice?

· We must challenge canceling the First Amendment and the right of free speech, the right to peaceably assemble
· We must challenge canceling the Fourth Amendment, probable cause, the prohibitions against unreasonable search and seizure
· We must challenge canceling the Fifth Amendment, nullifying due process, and allowing for indefinite incarceration without a trial
· We must challenge canceling the Sixth Amendment, the right to prompt and public trial
· We must challenge canceling the Eighth Amendment which protectsagainst cruel and unusual punishment
· We cannot justify a government which takes from the people our right to privacy and then assumes for its own operations a right to total secrecy

"………But we the people and our elected representatives must reserve the right to measure the response, to proportion the response, to challenge the response, and to correct the response.
We did not authorize the withdrawal from the Geneva Convention.
We did not authorize assassination squads.
We did not authorize the resurrection of COINTELPRO.
We did not authorize the repeal of the Bill of Rights.
We did not authorize the revocation of the Constitution.
We did not authorize national identity cards.
We did not authorize the eye of Big Brother to peer from cameras throughout our cities.
We did not authorize an eye for an eye.
We did not authorize the administration to wage war anytime, anywhere, anyhow it pleases.
We did not authorize war without end.
We did not authorize a permanent war economy.

Yet the defense budget grows with more money for weapons systems to fight a cold war which ended, weapon systems in search of new enemies to create new wars. This has nothing to do with fighting terror. This has everything to do with fueling a military industrial machine with the treasure of our nation, risking the future of our nation, risking democracy itself with the militarization of thought which follows the militarization of the budget.

Let us pray for our children. Our children deserve a world without end. Not a war without end. Our children deserve a world free of the terror of hunger, free of the terror of poor health care, free of the terror of homelessness, free of the terror of ignorance, free of the terror of hopelessness, free of the terror of policies which are committed to a world view which is not appropriate for the survival of a free people, not appropriate for the survival of democratic values, not appropriate for the survival of our nation, and not appropriate for the survival of the world.

Let us pray that we have the courage and the will as a people and as a nation to shore ourselves up, to reclaim from the ruins of September the Eleventh our democratic traditions. Let us declare our love for democracy. Let us declare our intent for peace. Let us work to make nonviolence an organizing principle in our own society. Let us recommit ourselves to the slow and painstaking work of statecraft, which sees peace, not war as being inevitable. Let us work for a world where someday war becomes archaic.

That is the vision which the proposal to create a Department of Peace envisions.

Forty-three members of congress are now cosponsoring the legislation. Let us work for a world where nuclear disarmament is an imperative. That is why we must begin by insisting on the commitments of the ABM treaty. That is why we must be steadfast for nonproliferation.

Let us work for a world where America can lead the way in banning weapons of mass destruction not only from our land and sea and sky but from outer space itself. That is the vision of HR 3616: A universe free of fear. Where we can look up at God's creation in the stars and imagine infinite wisdom, infinite peace, infinite possibilities, not infinite war, because we are taught that the kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven.

Uh, Oh OH!

View From Abroad
Feb. 27 2002 - Concern and Criticism Replaces Post-Sept. 11 Solidarity in Europe…. Christian Astier, a 44-year-old Parisian, agrees that there is an "axis of evil." But he thinks the United States is part of it. I have a very negative view of the Americans because they are intolerant, they focus on themselves and they think only about themselves," the civil servant says. "They are part of the 'axis of evil' as well." Astier is far from alone in his thinking.

………sheer weirdness of the American citizenry. The attacks on America are routinely discounted. ('Americans only care about their own dead.') American patriotism, obesity, emotionality, self-centeredness: these are the crucial issues," Rushdie wrote in an op-ed piece that appeared in American, Canadian and British newspapers

2-20-2002 Pentagon: No Lying Rumsfeld Says News Media Will Not Be Used For Deception Efforts - a Pentagon campaign to influence global opinion will not include lies to the public, but might employ "tactical" deception to confuse an enemy. The government has used covert tactics — including disinformation — to undermine foreign governments in the past, but mostly in super-secret CIA operations against enemies such as Iraq and Cuba.

What about limit what Congress and the public can know? (see below)

What about "Steering" Knowledge and Basic Research at Universities - "for this you get money, for this you don't"?

An unprecedented group of researchers--investigative reporters, political dissidents, academics, media watchdogs, scientist-philosophers, social critics, and rogue scholars--paints a picture of a world where crucial stories are ignored or actively suppressed and the official version of events has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. A world where real dangers are downplayed and nonexistent dangers are trumpeted. In short, a world where you are being lied to.

Includes contributions from Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Howard Bloom, Michael Parenti, Norman Solomon, Douglas Rushkoff, James Ridgeway, Jim Marrs, Judith Rich Harris, Tristan Taormino, Jim Hogshire, Riane Eisler, Peter Russell, and dozens of others. Over 60 articles in all!

W A S H I N G T O N, Feb. 22 — The Bush administration is fighting on many fronts to limit what Congress and the public can know about how government operates. "You have an administration thumping its chest saying, 'We are going to protect the right of secrecy and we are going to protect our prerogatives,' and a Congress saying 'No, we are going to protect our rights to investigate," says Mark Rozell, a political scientist at Catholic University and author of Executive Privilege: The Dilemma of Secrecy and Democratic Accountability.

And the White House even has managed to rile up a powerful Republican ally, House Government Reform Committee Chairman Dan Burton. Burton does not like the implications. "There is a veil of secrecy that is descending around the administration which I think is unseemly," he told ABCNEWS

ABC News: The Way We’ll Move - Feb. 19, 2002— So long, traffic jams, endless airport lines and slow, crowded trains. Hello, future. - Innovators say the future holds fantastic new ways to move by air, rail and sea. Of course, Americans have heard similar visions before ... Empty Promises - Remember The Jetsons? The 1962-63 cartoonseries was set in the 21st century — yet somehow we don't yet live in skypad apartments or commute in spacecars.

what happened? The big difference between Consumer Values and Human Values


Living Systems, the Internet and the Human Future - Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D.

So what should have been the Promise for ourselves and our children's future? Freedom to Life, Liberty, Health, Prosperity and Sustainability Healthcare - a fundamental right Freedom from illnesses and deaths rooted in economic and social policies worldwide Greater Degrees of Freedom in Creative Expression Greater Degrees of Freedom in Movement and Transportation Opportunity to Enjoy our Creations in a Sustainable & Unlimited Universe A Balance of Leisure Time with Career - and Child Raising for Parents A Balance of Personal & Spiritual Development Time with Career Free from the Stress of Financial Strangulation Free from the Stress of Insane Career Workloads All this was the Promise of Technology - That Cheap, Clean, Energy Evolution would have Provided for All - As it Links us Back to Natural Law, not Man's Rule of Law.......... See Fuel 2000: StarSteps - The Radius of Curvature of Natural Law - Energy Systems that were available over 50 years ago - How many children have died of starvation since then? LIFE IS NOT FAIR?, OR HAS THIS SOMETHING TO DO WITH REAL EVIL?

Energy Everywhere

Even in the remotest depths of Space, a cubic centimeter of space/vacuum is filled with Energy

In the late 1880s, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting "free electricity" in the near future. Incredible discoveries about the nature of electricity were becoming commonplace. Nikola Tesla was demonstrating "wireless lighting" and other wonders associated with high frequency currents. There was an excitement about the future like never before.

Within 20 years, there would be automobiles, airplanes, movies, recorded music, telephones, radio, and practical cameras. The Victorian Age was giving way to something totally new. For the first time in history, common people were encouraged to envision a utopian future, filled with abundant modern transportation and communication, as well as jobs, housing, and food for everyone.

Disease would be conquered, and so would poverty. Life was getting better, and this time, everyone was going to get "a piece of the pie."

So, what happened?

In the midst of this technological explosion, where did the energy breakthroughs go? Was this excitement about "free electricity," which happened just before the beginning of the last century, all just wishful thinking that "real science" eventually disproved?

Current State of Technology

Actually, the answer to that question is no. In fact, the opposite is true. Spectacular energy technologies were developed right along with the other breakthroughs.

Since that time, multiple methods for producing vast amounts of energy at extremely low cost have been developed. But none of these technologies has made it to the "open" consumer market as an article of commerce. Exactly why this is true will be discussed shortly.


Withholding of certain information from the public is necessary to prevent 'social disintegration'.

Today, relinquishing suppression of certain simple, scientific, fundamentals connecting quantum and relativity, threaten governments and multinational corporations more than the general public - an erosion of the power structure.

The Possible Human, Evolutionary or Stagnant, the Evolution of Human Nature, is to be avoided at all costs in psychological, religious, philosophical and scientific studies. The Evolution of Energy Systems to Field Propulsion must be avoided at all costs. The two connect through sharing equivalent Energy/Frequency principles of Expression!

They are not compatible in the present paradigm ruled by secrecy, scarcity and "I win, you lose" exclusive versus inclusive, systems.


In "The Hunt for Zero Point,'' journalist Nick Cook says, based on a decade's research, he believes by the 1950s the U.S. was seriously working on anti-gravity ``electrogravitics'' technology, which would lift and propel vehicles without wings or thrust.
Too many curious scientists are beginning to acknowledge today, that root fundamentals of scientific theories are missing – hidden variables and anomalies.

From a well known Scientist:…………….. “We scientists tend to think that we know better than anyone else what is possible and what is impossible, and that we of all people could surely not be kept in the dark for very long. Over the course of time I have learned how it would indeed be possible to maintain decades-long secrecy on this topic and why this might be justified, concepts I myself once dismissed……………………..”.

Boston - Feb 20, 2002
Scientists Say Polar Warming Continues With Ice Mass Losses - In summer 2000, an international team of scientists led by Serreze released results of a study documenting widespread environmental changes over the Arctic. As part of their study, they noted late 20th century Arctic temperatures were the warmest in 400 years. "Recent data show more of the same," Serreze said. "We're seeing significant surface air temperature increases over the Arctic Ocean..........The Arctic ice cap is shrinking that much is known with certainty......."

Climate change is a global problem that, if unaddressed, could undermine progress on every aspect of human development and ecosystem protection, including built infrastructure, food production, biodiversity, human health, and the natural systems that support growing economies.

In polar waters, a surge in temperatures takes scientists by surprise

By Robert C. Cowen -

A new study using seven decades of temperature data shows that mid-depth water around Antarctica has warmed nearly twice as much as the world ocean as a whole. That wasn't supposed to happen

Last Three Months Warmest on U.S. Record Books-NOAA - Feb. 21, 2002
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The last three months were the warmest on U.S. record books, and January was the balmiest in the 123 years temperatures for the month have been recorded globally, government scientists said on Thursday..

February 19, 2002 -
A Scandal Bigger than Enron - by David Moberg
Just as President Bush pretends that he barely knew “Kenny Boy” Lay, the major financial backer of his career, many conservatives are pretending that Enron is a scandal of business, not politics. The roster of business misdeeds is already long and likely to grow, but the rise and fall of Enron is a major political scandal on at least three levels.

First, the Bush administration is perhaps the most unabashedly pro-corporate ever. No industry has more influence than the energy sector, and no company had more clout than Enron. At least eight of the most powerful members of the administration, including both Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, had significant ties to Enron—receiving pay or campaign contributions, investing in the company, or gaining appointment on the basis of Enron’s recommendation. Enron’s tentacles reach even further into Congress, state governments and the Republican Party, whose new head, Marc Racicot, was an Enron lobbyist.

But it will take a broad citizen movement on the scale of the Populist or Progressive movements of a century ago to dig out the roots of the Enron scandal—overwhelming corporate power—and demand the revival of democracy and government in the public interest.


Washington, D.C., The Aspiring World Model of Democracy and Justice.

Whatever makes Money - is rewarded with more money. Psy 101, Pavlov would be proud

2/19/02 Washington D.C, AtheleticCommission Grants Mike Tyson Boxing License (denied in Las Vegas, California, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, England, Denmark and the Netherlands

Statement by Al Gore: Response to Bush Environmental Overtures

US "Dangerously Dependent on Oil" 02/16/02

I am deeply disappointed in what the Administration has proposed as an alternative to the Kyoto agreement. Instead of accepting an accord endorsed by over 170 nations, President Bush has put forward a plan that falls far short of the needs of both America and the world. He has tried this type of approach before - in Texas - and it failed.

I am also particularly troubled by his plan from a national security perspective. It is now more than abundantly clear that our country is dangerously dependent on oil. A strong policy on climate change would lessen that dangerous dependence and move us to a clean and safe energy future. By contrast, this policy, like the Administration plans to drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, keep us tied to the dangerous global oil politics that pose a grave threat to our national well-being.

The United States can and should lead the world to a clean technology future. Unfortunately this plan abdicates the responsibility instead of accepting it. A strong plan of action on climate change would stimulate the development of new transportation, power and manufacturing technologies and enable American companies to lead the world in capturing markets for those technologies. A weak policy like the one announced today, without binding requirements for greenhouse gas pollution reductions, makes it vastly harder for American companies to compete. And that's part of the reason why many business leaders have joined environmentalists in calling for the certainty and clarity that binding targets would provide.

THE NEW ENERGY POLICY PROMISES ANOTHER 100 PROFITABLE YEARS FOR OIL, GAS, COAL, NUCLEAR & Choking to Death - although Gaia/Earth promises a much shorter time span, before major house cleaning.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002 10:13 AM
Subject: Senate Comprehensive Energy Bill debates this week
The Alliance for Energy and Economic Growth: The New Energy Policy - Oil & Gas & Coal & Nuclear
INSERT UNNOTICED MESSAGE: Cover Issue 40, 2001 : "Dear Mr. President: We bring to your attention a matter of great urgency on the path to a lasting victory over terrorism and to achieve enduring peace. A remarkable discovery made in the United States in the 1980s has been overlooked, because of a serious flaw in our funding for nuclear research. This matter is of the gravest concern because it is a proven method to extract clean energy from simple, abundant materials. Please read on..................

Backward on Global Warming
New York Times February 16, 2002

The obvious conclusion to be drawn from President Bush's latest global warming strategy, unveiled this week, is that he does not regard warming as a problem. There seems no other way to interpret a policy that would actually increase the gases responsible for heating the earth's atmosphere. That the policy demands little from the American people, while insulting allies who have agreed to take tough steps to deal with the problem, only adds to one's sense of dismay.

The White House described Mr. Bush's strategy as aggressive and bold. The only thing bold about it are accounting tactics worthy of Enron that are designed to make an increase in emissions look like a decrease.

Friday, December 07, 2001
From the Best Minds in the World
OSLO, Norway-December 7, 2001 (OTVNewswire)--At the Nobel Peace Prize Centennial Symposium here yesterday celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Nobel prize, 100 Nobel laureates have issued a brief but dire warning of the "profound dangers" facing the world. Their statement predicts that our security depends on immediate environmental and social reform. The following is the text of their statement:

The most profound danger to world peace in the coming years will stem not from the irrational acts of states or individuals but from the legitimate demands of the world's dispossessed.

: 27,000 Children are Dying Daily of Starvation

Citizen Works wrote : "Unfortunately, in this time of national crisis, corporate interests are redoubling their greed: ignoring workers in need, trashing the environment, infringing on civil liberties, raiding the treasury, and compromising the principles of democracy. Now more than ever we must create new kinds of momentum. What will it take to fulfill the vision of a citizen-powered democracy?".

Citizen Works Staff

Founder: Ralph Nader
President: Theresa Amato
Communications Director: Lee Drutman
Development Director: Heidi Grube
Organizing Director: Jacob Harold
Office Manager: Laila Hlass
Executive Assistant: Katie Selenski

Annan, UN Accept Nobel Peace Prize

OSLO, Norway (AP) - Saying ``humanity is indivisible,'' U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan called for global cooperation in fighting poverty, ignorance and disease as he and the United Nations accepted the centennial Nobel Peace Prize in the midst of global terrorism and conflict. Annan said the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States showed that important divisions are no longer between borders but between the fortunate and dispossessed and the cost of ignoring human dignity, fundamental freedoms, security, food and education was steep. Full Story

World Economic Forum Takes Left Turn

NEW YORK (AP) 2/4/02 - They came in solidarity with this terror-wounded city, but since they arrived, speaker after speaker at the World Economic Forum has lambasted America as a smug superpower, too beholden to Israel at the expense of the Muslim world, and inattentive to the needs of poor countries or the advice of allies. The forum wraps up its five-day session today. Full Story

Which America Will We Be Now? by BILL MOYERS
For the past several years I've been taking every possible opportunity to talk about the soul of democracy. "Something is deeply wrong with politics today," I told anyone who would listen. And I wasn't referring to the partisan mudslinging, the negative TV ads, the excessive polling or the empty campaigns. I was talking about something fundamental, something troubling at the core of politics. The soul of democracy--the essence of the word itself--is government of, by and for the people. And the soul of democracy has been dying, drowning in a rising tide of big money contributed by a narrow, unrepresentative elite that has betrayed the faith of citizens in self-government.

2/5/02, a Bill Moyers documentary on PBS entitled "Trading Democracy"
In this startling realization, and the knowledge that corporate giants are pushing to expand NAFTA to 31 more countries in the Western Hemisphere, prompts Moyers to ask, "Are we promoting democracy - as we claim - or trading it away?" "Trading Democracy" is a one-hour documentary that covers, in understandable terms, the legal and technical aspects of NAFTA's investor rules. These rules allow corporations to sue countries directly to overturn legitimate public interest laws and regulations when they believe their actual or potential corporate profits have been undermined. Incredibly, these suits are decided in secret by unelected bureaucrats

The Nation Stuck in Traffic
Slowed to a Halt
Traffic Moving Slower Than Ever,
Costing Us Billions

May 7 2001 - It's not your imagination. Traffic congestion is getting worse, and it's costing us billions in lost time and excess fuel costs, according to a national study of 18 years of traffic data from 68 urban areas.
The increase in road congestion effectively doubled rush hour over the last two decades, according to the report by the Texas Transportation Institute. Traffic tie-ups now snarl roads five to six hours a day, compared to two to three hours of the day back in 1982. Looking back even further, rush hour was only an hour when Richard M. Nixon was in the White House
Billions of Dollars, Hours, at Stake

7/17/01 Philip Morris Cites Tobacco Deaths Savings

GENEVA (AP) - Anti-smoking groups reacted angrily today to a report by cigarette giant Philip Morris that said tobacco could save a government millions of dollars in health care and pensions because many smokers die earlier. The report, commissioned by Philip Morris from research company Arthur D. Little International, looked at the cost of smoking in the Czech Republic in 1999, and concluded that the government had saved about $30 million from the ``indirect positive effects'' of early deaths. The British-based group Action on Smoking and Health described the study as ``a sort of extermination program for the newly retired.'' Full Story

Poll: Americans See Economic Divide 06/22/01 By WILL LESTER .c The Associated Press
WASHINGTON (June 22) - The economic boom of the 1990s improved the financial outlook for upper middle class and wealthy Americans, but it had little impact on the outlook or financial condition of those who make less money, a poll says.

``The boom has passed these people by,'' said pollster Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Americans increasingly see an economic divide between the haves and have-nots, according to the poll, released Thursday.

The Rich-Poor Gap Grows -Limelight Stays on the Rich and the Politicians Attention follows the haves, leaving the have-nots to be overlooked. (A.Shepherd/
S U M M A R Y Wealth and attention seem to follow the chosen few. Meanwhile, not much of the nation’s wealth is trickling down to Joe and Jane Sixpack. Special to Aug. 1 — Relatively few people own a hugely disproportionate share of the wealth, and relatively few people attract a hugely disproportionate share of media attention.

Bully or Victim? Why the United States Lost Its U.N. Human Rights Seat
N E W Y O R K, May 14 - When the United States lost its seat on the United Nations Human Rights Commission this month, it came as a surprise - and a huge embarrassment.

Sen. Joseph Biden, ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, acknowledged the United States has "angered the hell out of our European allies."
In the London newspaper The Guardian, journalist Peter Preston wrote of the United States: "They see themselves as the new masters of a globalized world.
The most glaring example of this has been the Bush administration's insistence on constructing a nuclear missile defense system for the United States.
Moscow has said construction of the missile defense system would set off an arms race. The system, as planned now, would cover mainly the United States, and possibly Great Britain.
Me First In March, Bush gave the first indication he was going to tend more toward what one British official has called "glorious isolation," when he pulled out of the Kyoto accord on climate and pollution.
David Malone, a former Canadian U.N. ambassador and head of the International Peace Academy, a think tank close to the United Nations, told Reuters, "The way the United States withdrew from the Kyoto climate treaty by clearly saying only the U.S. economy and its health were of interest to Washington - this was a very harsh message."
Finally, the Washington has irritated the United Nations with a continuing backlog of unpaid dues that reached over $1 billion before a deal was struck earlier this year to pay most of it.

Report Warns of Impact of Global Warming - Scientists Predict Famine, Disease, Flooding By Robert Evans Reuters …2/01

GENEVA (Feb. 19) - Floods, famine, disease epidemics and other disasters could hit rich and poor countries around the world in coming decades if the current rate of global warming persists, United Nations-backed scientists warned on Monday.

Global Warming Is Getting Worse, Scientists Warn By JOE McDONALD .c The Associated Press

SHANGHAI, China (Jan. 22) - Global temperatures could rise by as much as 10 1/2 degrees over the next century, triggering droughts, floods and other disasters from shifts in weather patterns, a U.N. report said Monday.

The projected rise in average worldwide temperatures is sharply higher than the 2 1/2-5 1/2 degrees previously thought, said Robert T. Watson, chairman of the U.N.-affiliated Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which organized the meeting in Shanghai.

The U.N. report, by scientists from 99 countries, said new evidence shows more clearly than ever that rising temperatures are the fault of industrial pollution, not changes in the sun or from other natural causes.